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We have launched a great project in January 2020 -  a general renovation of a historic building in the very center of Bydgoszcz. In the past, Hotel Brda (1972 - 2019) has been the place of meetings, banquets, training sessions, and accommodation for artists, politicians, and foreign tourist groups. It was used many times also as a film set. The huge space will be developed into a modern space for living and working.




The proximity of the Old Town, Opera Nova, Mill Island, clubs, cinema, water tram, city parks, dance schools


Daily life

Food stores and discounters, market, banks, post office, churches, restaurants, cafes, schools, pharmacies, clinics, offices



Bus Stops of the main communication lines: trams, 24-hour buses, city bikes, the Main Railway Station,



Astoria Olympic Swimming Pool, gyms and fitness clubs, gyms on the Brda Boulevard, skate park, trampoline park, sports fields

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Dziękujemy za wiadomość.

On the other side of the street, a modern, multi-storey car park will be built for the residents of the Brda Apartment Building. The design of the building will refer to the appearance of the tenement house. There will be over 100 parking spaces on 4 floors.

Apartamentowiec Brda
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